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Low Cost Miniature Trimmer Capacitors(Trimmr Capacitors)
  Friday, December 23, 2005
  Friday, March 31, 2017

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Low Cost Miniature Trimmer Capacitors(Trimmr Capacitors)

The Voltronics A1 Series high reliability solid dielectric trimmer capacitor is an ideal, economical replacement for conventional miniature air and sapphire dielectric trimmers.

High reliabliity solid dielectric, positive tuning stops and up to 13 full turns of linear tuning make the A1 Series and outstanding performer. 40 psi sealed, high voltage and non-magnetic versions are readily available.

The Voltronics A2 Series is among the smallest multi-turn piston trimmer capacitors in the industry. Utilizing a high reliability solid dielectric, positive tuning stops and 3 standard mounting configurations this trimmer capacitor is an ideal replacement for expensive sapphire dielectric trimmers.

Applications include tuning and impedance matching o high frequency, and high power amplifiers especially where small size and high performance are critical requirements. The Voltronics A3 Series is a very economical drop-in replacement for conventional air dielectric trimmer capacitors.

The high reliability solid dielectric assures no intermittent shorting and noiseless microphonic-free performance.

Available in many mounting styles, the A3 Series also features positive tuning stops and 10 full turns of linear tuning. The A3 is available in a high voltage version.

The A4 Series unique design using minimal parts simplifies the manufacturing process to effect one of the most economical high performance trimmer capacitors available in the industry. The A4 Series also features a high reliability solid dielectric, positive tuning stops and up to 5 full turns of linear tuning in the shortest length of any similar trimmer capacitor. The A4 is an ideal choice for tuning and impedance matching high frequency and high power amplifier circuits.
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