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DC-DC Converters(SM Series)
  Friday, December 23, 2005
  Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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DC-DC Converters(SM Series)

The SM family of power converters were designed as military grade stand alone power converters which can also be used as components in complex power systems.

The SM Series is a DC to DC, 200 KHz fixed frequency, pulse width modulated, push-pull forward, or single ended forward converter, which employs a current mode control scheme.

The SM unit is supplied in a five sided metal case to minimize radiated noise. Sufficient capacitance on the input and output, internal to the unit, allows for simple use and operation with no external components in most applications.

High efficiency is achieved with conventional switching techniques by utilizing unique switch snubber circuits which minimize normally large switching losses.

A number of protection features, as well as electrical and thermal derating of internal components per NAVMAT P-4855-1 guidelines and the use of proven topologies allow for high reliability throughout an operating range of -55°C to +1OO°C.

In applications where even greater reliability is required the converter can be screened to MIL-STD-883C upon request.

Accessory Products
  • SMF200
  • EMI Filter SM1275
  • Transient Suppression Module SMR
  • AC Front-End Rectifier SMRA
  • Ripple Attenuator Module
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